Malakhi's GI Story

Jun 6, 2019

Malakhi in El Paso Chihuahuas locker roomAt Providence Children’s Hospital, we are no strangers to helping kids with big smiles and even bigger hearts on some of the hardest days of their lives. One of our courageous patients that has made a huge impact in the lives of our team is Malakhi. His gastrointestinal illness has required him to have 13 hospital stays in the past 2 years.

Though Malakhi’s health journey has been difficult, he has never let his condition prevent him from being a happy and charismatic 11 year old boy. “Malakhi is an extremely positive young boy and although he has faced challenges with frequent hospital stays, he never lets anything get him down,” said Gloria Jaloma-Portillo, Malakhi’s Mom. “He always knows he is in good hands with the PCH nurses and always looks for his favorite nurse, Laura.”

Malakhi’s inspiring story and incredible outlook on life touched the heart of a special hospital visitor, Travis Jankowski, outfielder for the Padres and Malakhi’s baseball idol. After playing a few board games and getting to know each other, Travis knew Malakhi would be the perfect person to fill his spot on the El Paso Chihuahua’s roster when he got moved up to the big leagues.

Malakhi was surrounded by the Providence Children’s Hospital team as he suited up for an unforgettable evening of baseball and fun festivities. Because of the relationships he has formed at PCH, Malakhi’s life will be forever changed, as will those who have had the pleasure of caring for him.

To find out more about Malakhi’s day as an El Paso Chihuahua, watch the video below.