Cardiac Rehabilitation

Whether you've had a valve replacement or you're recovering from open-heart surgery, regaining the level of cardiac fitness that’s right for you is an ongoing process that takes time, commitment and medical supervision. The cardiac rehabilitation program at The Hospitals of Providence is a comprehensive combination of exercise, education and support to help you make healthy changes and maintain a full and active lifestyle.

Our team of physicians, registered nurses, physical therapists and nutritionists work closely together to help you better manage many of the problems associated with cardiovascular disease, by focusing on:

  • Reducing your cardiac risk factors
  • Limiting the progression of cardiovascular disease
  • Improving and maintaining physical functioning

Our comprehensive services are geared to men and women who are recovering from cardiovascular conditions, including:

  • Coronary procedures such as stents and angioplasty
  • Heart valve repair/replacement
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery
  • Heart attack
  • Heart or heart/lung transplant
  • Other cardiovascular conditions

Exercise and Education

Patients in the cardiac rehabilitation program have a choice of land or aquatic exercises to help them regain their strength. In addition, we offer educational classes and a lecture series led by our hospital staff on a range of topics that can help you:

  • Exercise regularly and safely
  • Make healthy diet choices
  • Better manage stress
  • Better manage your weight
  • Manage diabetes

In addition, we will provide information on support groups and counseling services.