Pediatric Hand & Wrist

The hands are an important part of how your child interacts with the world. So when your child is suffering from injury or a condition that affects the wrist or hands, special care is needed to restore this connection. The pediatric orthopedic specialists at Providence Children’s Hospital are trained to treat conditions of the hand and wrist, whether congenital, neuromuscular or trauma-related.

Your Child’s Team

Our multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive care for your child’s hand and wrist needs. Our team includes surgeons, nurses, hand therapists and prosthetists who specialize in the caring of children. We can provide your child with necessary occupational or physical therapy, splinting, casting or reconstructive surgery that addresses a wide variety of conditions. Your child’s treatment is individualized to address his or her specific needs.

Find a Pediatric Orthopedic Specialists

For more information about the pediatric orthopedic specialists at Providence Children’s Hospital, call (833) 225-8751 or find a doctor online.