Rey’s NICU Story

May 28, 2019

Rey Padilla in NICUIn December 2017, Lesley and Manuel welcomed their first son, Rey, into their family. Although he was a few weeks early, they never expected that their baby would have complications. Due to his low birth weight, Rey needed to be monitored in the Providence Children’s Hospital NICU. As any parent would, Lesley began feeling worried about the health of her newborn baby. “He came out into this big world, he may be scared, and he isn’t able to hear my heartbeat or my voice anymore,” Lesley said.

Despite their confusion and fear, Lesley and Manuel trusted their nurses, who Lesley refers to as “guardian angels,” to give their baby the best care possible. The family remembers their first visit to the NICU like it was yesterday, stating that “the nurses really gave us a very welcoming feeling and let us know that everything was going to be okay and he was in good hands…they put their whole mind and their love into taking care of the babies.”

Rey’s parents celebrated Christmas Day with him in the NICU, feeling grateful for their perfect holiday gift. They were surrounded by the team that was making strides to send home a healthy baby, providing Lesley and Manuel many memories of the NICU staff and their dedication to our littlest patients. “They put the babies before themselves, even if they’re tired, even if it’s Christmas, they are going to be there with a smile, ready to take care of the babies” said Lesley. Manuel joined in by stating “the nurses sacrifice themselves a lot. You know that they want to be here. You can feel that from them.”

Rey Padilla being held by fatherAfter 10 days in the NICU, Rey Angel was sent home to an overjoyed family. Ever since being discharged, Rey has been remained a healthy and happy baby. Rey’s parents say that they owe the well-being of their son to the Providence Children’s team. “We honestly couldn’t have done it without their compassion and professionalism. Our baby is healthy thanks to them.”

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