Jedidiah and Jeremiah's NICU Story

Jun 6, 2019

Jedidiah and Jeremiah with parentsCrystal was brought into the world at The Hospitals of Providence along with three of her siblings so when she became pregnant, her and her husband knew exactly where they wanted to welcome their first child. About a year after Crystal and David had their daughter, Serenity, they were back at The Hospitals of Providence for an extra special day, the birth of their twin boys.

“We definitely didn’t expect twins,” said David. “I had never known anyone who had twins so we really weren’t sure what to expect,’ Crystal added. Not only did they not expect twins, they didn’t anticipate that their newborn boys would need the care and attention of Providence Children’s NICU team for more than 2 months.

jedidiah-jeremiah-02“Jeremiah was mainly in the NICU just because he was premature but Jedidiah had a lot of complications” said David. “He had to have a PICC line, he wouldn’t keep anything down which is why he stayed in there so long. I was pumping milk for him but they thought he might be allergic to it. He was coughing up dried blood and he was intubated twice” Crystal added.

With the stress of their sons’ health issues as well as the normal parental duties of those with a one-year-old, Crystal and David knew they had to rely on the Providence Children’s team. “We didn’t have a car so we didn’t get to come to the NICU as often as we would have liked. That was the hard part, I couldn’t come see them as much as I wanted to.” Crystal explained. “We would just call and the nurses would keep us updated. I would call 3 or 4 times a day. They were constantly reassuring me that everything was okay.”

When Crystal and David were able to be at the hospital, they witnessed firsthand the nurses’ willingness to go above and beyond for their babies, solidifying the trusting relationship they formed with our team. A special moment that stands out in Crystal and David’s mind was when “Jedidiah was still having a really, really hard time but Jeremiah was close to getting out already. One of the nurses actually got Jeremiah and put him right next to Jedi so they could be together and bond before Jeremiah was discharged.”

jedidiah-jeremiah-03Crystal and David had the opportunity to learn how to provide the best care for their children by spending time with our team. “It’s not like other babies where if something goes wrong, you ask your mom. I had to put the lives of my kids in someone else’s hands and I knew they were being well taken care of.”

Thanks to the support they received from The Hospitals of Providence, Crystal and David have created a lifelong bond with the team that helped their children. “After Jeremiah and Jedidiah were discharged from the hospital, I would still call the nurses with any questions I had. While the boys were in there we got so much reassurance but even after they got out, they were still there to help us... I am just really grateful for the team here.”

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