High-Risk Newborn Clinic

The High-Risk Newborn Clinic cares for children who require special care and assistance. At-risk infants may include those who are born prematurely, are seriously ill as newborns, have congenital abnormalities, or are at risk of developmental delay. We also see infants who were growth restricted before birth.

Individualized Care

Each newborn has unique health needs, which is why our team includes various specialists to give children in our care individualized, need-specific treatment. Referral patterns established by our physicians ensure that all issues are addressed. We are convinced that early intervention helps to provide children better outcomes.

What we can do

Many parents want to know how their child is progressing. We provide the opportunity to address questions and uncertainties. Our team provides a comprehensive analysis of growth and development. Taking factors such as prenatal history, family history, the age of the child, birth history, complications and prematurity into account, we are able to provide reassurance and a plan of care that is best for the individual child.

We ensure that interventional services such as Early Childhood Intervention or other consultations are there when needed. Our skilled Developmental and Rehabilitative Services team can provide instruction to assist your child’s progress. Collaboration with you is essential to develop a plan that will help your child advance as much as possible through developmental milestones.

For More Information

To learn more or to make an appointment, please call 833-225-8751 or use our request an appointment form.

NICU Services

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