Public Safety

Patient Safety

One of our goals at Providence Children’s Hospital is the safety of your child. Your child has been admitted to the hospital and we are asking for your cooperation with the following safety measures:


  • When you need assistance with your child, turn on the call light or use the phone. The nurse's phone number is located on the white board in your room.
  • Always raise the side rail of the crib/youth bed before stepping away.
  • Help us prevent falls, do not leave children unattended on furniture.
  • Please inform the nurse when you leave the unit.
  • When taking your child for a walk, make sure the IV tubing is off the floor and without tension on the line.
  • When taking your child for a ride in the wagon, make sure the safety belt is securely fastened around the child's waist.
  • When your child is out of bed, make sure your child wears slippers with rubber treads on the bottom. No bare feet are allowed.
  • Do not allow your child to run in the hallway.

We care about your child's safety and thank you for your cooperation.