Nyla's PICU Story

Jun 6, 2019

Nyla and NeomiOur team at Providence Children’s Hospital always wants our patients to remain healthy after they leave our care. The reality is that many of our patients will need lifelong medical treatment and will become frequent patients at our hospital. If a child’s condition requires continual hospital stays, it is crucial that you can rely on a team you trust.

“When a child has the multiple diagnosed challenges Nyla has, hospital visits are a norm,” stated Edna. “She has cerebral palsy. Normally, people would treat her like she is not all there. Since we’ve been going to Providence, which is my hospital of choice for her and myself, the ladies and gentlemen in the PICU are wonderful with my Nyla.”

As a caretaker, it is important to see the physician and nurses caring for your loved one go the extra mile in order to provide the unique care your child needs. Edna and Nyla have experienced our staff’s dedication to their patients on many occasions, with Edna stating that “it really does feel like family. Whenever she was in the hospital initially, I would never leave her because she is non-verbal. At the PICU now at Providence, they know Nyla. They know how to interpret her sounds, her smiles…she is very aware and they have really taken the time to get to know her.”

Even though having to spend an extended amount of time in the hospital is not ideal, Nyla and her family constantly have a positive attitude, resting assured that she is in good hands. Edna was able to summarize Nyla’s time at our hospital by sharing that “the PICU unit at PCH is the absolute best. Skilled and knowledgeable, kind and tender-hearted, compassionate, professional and understanding. Their kindness extends to their patients and their patient's family. We are welcomed and Nyla gets the absolute best care.”

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