Maria and Miqueas's PICU Story

Jun 5, 2019

Miques and nurseTrust is at the heart of healthcare, especially when you are putting the care of your child in someone else’s hands. For Maria and her son Miqueas, the Providence Children’s Hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Unit has been the team they have relied on since day one of their unique journey.

Miqueas was born with Down syndrome and Laryngotracheamalacia, a condition that involves the softening of tissues of the larynx, or voice box, and causes difficulty breathing and eating. At a little under a year old, Miqueas had his first major complication that required emergency care. “When the baby was seven months, he had a near-death experience,” Maria said. “It was a virus that was so aggressive and they worked hard to revive him and help us. From that day on, I knew Providence Children’s was our hospital.”

Miqueas and caregiverMaria emphasized the important role that Providence Children’s has played in her and Miqueas’ life by sharing the starting point of their story. “I remember before Miqueas was born I found out that the baby’s blood work came back positive for Down syndrome. People were telling me that I should end the pregnancy because I was going to have a hard time, that if I didn’t have help from family, it would be a struggle,” Maria expressed. “I am a single parent and when I think about family, I think about the PICU family. If anyone has helped me, it is them…I don’t know what I would do without them to be honest.”

Throughout his 3 years of life, Miqueas has been hospitalized at Providence Children’s more than six times, with one stay being over a month. While no parent expects their child to need frequent hospitalizations, Maria is thankful that when they need help, they can depend on our team. “I trust everyone there, every time we are there we are in the PICU,” Maria stated. “Even when my baby was discharged, I would call them any time I have a question. It is so nice to know they always have our back.”

Miqueas smilingEven though Maria acknowledges that the three years of Miqueas’ life have been challenging, the Providence Children’s team has stood by her and her son every step of the way, providing Miqueas the quality care he needs in a compassionate environment. Maria summed up how thankful she is for his nurses and caretakers by saying “if I didn’t have them, I would’ve been lost.”

We are proud to have a dedicated team of professionals that go above and beyond to ensure the health and comfort of all of our patients and their families. To learn more about our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, click here or call 833-225-8751.