Andrea's PICU Story

Jun 6, 2019



At Providence Children’s Hospital, we understand that members of the El Paso community have a choice when it comes to healthcare. Due to this, we are always appreciative of families that consistently decide that our hospital has the best team to care for their child. These children and parents form long lasting relationships with their doctors and nurses while becoming invaluable aspects of the Providence family.

Members of PCH’s nearest and dearest that stand out in particular are Andrea and her mom, Lupe. “We started coming to Providence Children’s back in 2005,” said Lupe. “She was only 4 years old and all of the care, all of the attention by the nurses, the doctors, the staff, it was just amazing. Because of that, she got better even though her prognosis was really, really low.”

Over the years, Andrea and her family returned to Providence Children’s for any and all of their healthcare needs, despite the fact that it was further away from other hospitals. “There are other hospitals that are closer to our home, but I always bring her here because of the level of care I know she will receive.”

Andrea is now 17 years old and lights up every room she enters. Her positivity and ability to connect with the Providence team are just a few of the many reasons why Andrea is so loved by all of the members of our team who have had the pleasure of caring for her. Lupe summed up the dedication of our staff well by stating “what you guys do here, you don’t only care for the patient; you care for the family. You give that support to help the parents care for the child so the child can get better.”

Despite the challenges her and her mom have faced, they remain optimistic about her future and confident in the Providence Children’s team.

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